Claudia Verela Two Handfuls at Sunset

fb-claudiaverela-001-11Claudia Verela has been featured in numerous magazines, ads, posters, catalogs – and one very spicy GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial. All of which makes her a perfect Fit Bodzz girl.

In this exclusive photo gallery, Claudia offers her magnificent bikini bod to the setting sun out in the desert – not too far from her Scottsdale, Arizona home. The last rays of light lay their final beams of the day on her well-endowed physique. The orange leopard print bikini can barely hold Claudia’s large breasts – and her hands and arms futilely attempt to cover them.

No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of this dark-haired Latina sex symbol on the rise. Seriously, between a race car driver, poker player, and Claudia – we’ll pick Claudia every time.

Claudia Verela Gallery

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