Chloe Lynn Petite Blonde Shows Sweet Smile and Perky Breasts

Chloe Lynn has a sunny disposition that suits the location of this Penthouse pictorial quite well. Posing outside in the bright light of day, she looks perfectly ready to play.

Chloe takes off her dark sunglasses and places them atop her blonde head. Her gorgeous green eyes shine from beneath the flutter of long, dark lashes. Her cherry red lips give a friendly smile and her hands busy themselves with stripping off her clothes. Those skimpy jean shorts are the first to go.

Wiggling her cute butt in a red thong that matches her hoop earrings, the 21-year-old Aries knows that you will be smitten with her. She takes off her top and fondles her little breasts and then takes off her underwear. Chloe shows you that she shaves herself smooth and then twists to also show you how attractive her round little rump is.

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