Chloe James Brunette Sweetie Shows Bikini Curves

This stunning belle is none other than Chloe James. Twistys got her to slip into this cute floral bikini for one hot photo shoot. She’s pinup hot out by the pool and you’re going to be begging to be joining her there. She’s got the classic cheesecake look with a cute modern twist.

That long black hair of her’s hangs over one shoulder in curly tendrils. Her hair frames her breasts perfectly – with her bikini pulled down they pop right out. Such incredible round milky breasts, they’re enough to make any man break a sweat.

She doesn’t stay still at all – this babe is feel frisky and surely shows it. When she gets that electric feeling all running through her body, she needs to do something about it. Her fingers hook onto the sides of her bottoms and slowly start pulling them off. Once they’re gone and she’s comfy on the lawn furniture, you won’t be able to believe what goes down!

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