Brett Rossi and Niki Lee Young Lesbian Sleepover

Brett Rossi and Niki Lee Young have been wonderful friends for a long time. As you can see in these pictures from When Girls Play, they are having a slumber party and the two of them are wearing their favorite pjs. You can also see that there’s nothing hotter than an erotic pillow fight between friends. The more they fight, the hotter they get, and soon both blonde babes are undressing to feel the cool air on their bodies and their flesh pressed against one another. They can’t resist kissing and affectionately caressing each others beautiful breasts.

As more clothes are shed, their affectionate play becomes more intimate and beautiful. These sex kittens know all about giving each other comfort and pleasure and the beauty of their intimacy is absolutely breathtaking. Every young beautiful woman should have a special close friendship like the one Brett Rossi and Niki Lee Young have found together.

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