Brandie Moses Short Boobie Dress

Brandie Slim, and very stacked, Brandie Moses is featured in a new set that has the curvy blond posing in a dress that is really short and tight.

They write, “There’s something special about this girl’s look — we can’t quite say for sure what it is; but definitely there’s something special. We put up Brandie’s first photo club early this year. It promptly rocketed to the top of our best selling photo club list. We loved her look; but didn’t expect that kind of response; but in looking at the photos again, we think we know why. Now she’s back in a completely new set — we think it is better than the first one.

Emphasis ours — and we agree with them 100% — this is a really nice set.

Brandie Moses Gallery

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  • Click here to see the entire high resolution version of this exclusive set featuring Brandie Moses at Foxes.