Bella Star Slim Blonde Pokes Perky Breasts from Flowered Bikini

Bella Star sure knows how to make an impression. The slender blonde struts around the poolside in a bikini and is sure to have your full, undivided attention in the process. This Glamour Models Gone Bad gallery is simple and extremely sexy.

Bella shows off her tight 5’9″ figure in her swimwear but never dives in. It is obvious that her intention was always to strip and we certainly cannot complain about that. She starts by untying her top and popping her petite B-cup boobs out into view.

The pretty California girl follows that up by taking off her bikini bottoms and showing that she likes shaving herself nice and bald. She gives her breast a soft squeeze and then gets comfortable on a towel with her bare butt facing the camera.

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