Ashli Orion Slim Brunette with a Big Booty and a Hardcore Resumé

When you’re hired for a part at the Naughty Office, you know things aren’t going to be like a normal job. Ashli Orion isn’t the most astute babe working here and on her first day she has quite the prank pulled on her. With everything she’s willing to do though, it shows you just how much she wants the job.

One of her co-workers pretends to be the boss for a bit of erotic antics. He tells Ashli just how hot that ass is of hers and how that’s why she got the job. Her duties include all kinds of sexual acts so she better be prepared for her first day. She doesn’t say no, dropping her stockings and panties for some seriously hot fucking. She’s going to be mighty surprised once she’s let in on the joke.

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