Ashlea Massey Pink Dress and Beige Pantyhose

If sexy Ashlea Massey looks a bit familiar to you, but you just can’t put your finger on why … it’s a matter of beauty running in the family. Her sister is British superstar model Gemma Massey. Although from what we can see here in this exclusive Only Silk and Satin photo gallery, Ashlea offers more than enough sweet eye candy to stand on her own, thank you.

The slim and trim brunette does a delightful shimmy out of her long pink club dress to reveal a pair of tight tummy-hugging pantyhose. With a coy smile and deft hands, Ashlea playfully tugs on the nylon leggings – occasionally providing unobstructed glimpses of her bright pink panties.

Ashlea has the flirty-girl bit down pat. Looks like a long and successful career of capturing eyeballs is definitely in her future. Looks like the family business is in good hands.

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Ashlea Massey Pantyhose Gallery

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