Amanda Streich December 2012 Playboy Playmate

Sensual beauty, Amanda Streich is a slender brunette and at 19, the youngest Playboy Playmate ever. She is also the first Polish national to reign as USA-edition Playmate. If the rest of the ladies in her country are as drop-dead gorgeous as she – she won’t be the last! Her hair is long and touchably soft, her lips lush and kissable.

Amanda’s grey-blue eyes penetrate yours and leave you with the feeling that she can read you like a book, including all those naughty thoughts of yours. All that is before she even starts removing her dress!

Amanda is a perfect example of the female form and every move she makes is like poetry set to beautiful music. When you look at her, you can only hope that you will see more of her. Deep down, you know you must have been very good to be blessed with the gift of these photos of such an incredible woman.

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