Alyssa Dee Pleases Fetish Lovers in Latex Corset and Fishnet Stockings

Everyone needs things spiced up in their love life from time to time and that’s what this Only Tease set of Alyssa Dee is giving us. There are times when you don’t want to be the alpha male and the one in charge. That’s quite all right!

There’s going to be some ground rules when dealing with Mistress Alyssa. Do not speak unless spoken to. Always address her as Mistress. Know your place – you are the bottom, meant to serve and she is very much your cocoa skinned Domme at the top. Your role is to do as she wishes and please her.

The black latex corset and short skirt hug her hourglass figure, while her black sheer stockings rest at her thighs, kept in place by a garter belt. Don’t be fooled into thinking that only the outfit demands respect and submission, because even as she strips down to bare all, you still need to show that you understand she is in charge!

The hottest part about Alyssa Dee being in the dominate role is that lovely smile of hers – that sweet smile plays with the mind a bit. Not all Dommes are those coldhearted women – as you can see here, this one is a sexy vixen and the more you submit and please her, the more that smile spreads across her face.

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