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From time to time, LemmeCheck gets review requests from fans of adult entertainment excited about a porn site but wondering whether or not it’s worthy of your full affection. One of the more popular up-and-coming porn sites is and we’ve received some requests to review it. With a gargantuan, mostly user-generated wealth of porn videos and XXX pictures library, we were excited to dig through the site and discover what it’s all about. We went pretty in depth with our review of the site, but if you want our consensus decision, we’re very happy to give our official stamp of approval. It’s unlike any other sex site around, is completely free, and well worth your time to register and enjoy it.

SEX.COM Site Review

Screencap of the Bikini Babes Category of Sex.comStrengths — Since’s content is mostly user-generated, there is an almost endless amount of free sex pics and videos being uploaded on a daily basis. The user-friendly layout makes pinning pictures a breeze, and there’s a real sense of community as people share and discuss their favourite content. It’s very rewarding to compile your personal collection of favorite sex images and porn videos. With over 10 million free sex pics and well over a million videos, there’s a true wealth of content to be explored, discovered and shared.

  • Updates — The content at is always fresh since there are thousands of users updating the site with sex pictures and free porno vids at all times. As a result, the site is probably the most dynamically updated porn site around. They listen to user feedback as well and are constantly updating their layout and the mechanics of their site to make things as usable as possible for users.
  • Videos — There are over a million free porn vids on You can navigate through the collection simply and collect your favorite sex vids from around the web. There’s a huge variety of different stuff so whatever category you’re into, you’re sure to find some hot videos. Obviously on of our favourite categories is classic pornstars. Searching for leading names as Tori Black, Sunny Leone and Sasha Grey, turned up an enormous amount of new content and fantastic scenes, some of them even full-length videos.
  • Site Integrity and Honesty — After registering for, our experience was nothing short of excellent. While it does have ads and advertising, it isn’t overloaded as is the case with other popular free sites, and, equally important to note, we never received even a single spam mail after signing up. That alone was impressive. A positive experience while interacting with other users, combined with the the user-friendly interface, ensured that we had no problem finding our way around. All of the categories you could ever want are there, and there’s probably more free sex pics and sex vids than on any other site we’ve ever seen. The staff is constantly updating the interface to make things more user-friendly based on user feedback. The best thing about is that site is completely free. It’s difficult to find any faults in’s integrity when you never have to even pull out a credit card.

Weaknesses — Since all of the content is user-generated, you can usually find any niche under the sun. Having said that, being user-generated also means that there’s less active moderation of the content. As a result, we sometimes found porn pictures or sex videos that were mislabeled or placed in the wrong category. The video section could also use some more content, but representatives from staff assured us that they are working to update the video section with almost double the amount of videos that are currently there.

Summary is a really unique porn website that offers an experience unlike any other free porn site we have stumbled across so far. If you’re looking for a diverse and endless library of hot babes, big tits, big asses, MILFs, and really, anything else under the sun, is a great place to go.   To that end, Lemmecheck is pleased to put our own stamp of approval on it after having looked around for awhile. We recommend registering for a free account to really maximize your experience. We’re really looking forward to the further improvements at!

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