Sunny Leone Glamourous Indian-Canadian Pornstar in Black Stockings and Garters

With a name like Sunny Leone you’d think the girl would be all dressed up in everything bright and girlie all the time. This gallery set from Sunny’s official website has her showing a bit of her darker side. The all black attire gives Sunny a real attitude and this babe is going to keep you fellas under her spell!

Her soft supple body is kept nice and tight in this corset, her garter belt and stockings making her long legs look even longer. Those lacy panties covering the one patch between her thighs you’re wishing you had access to.

Sunny isn’t the strict or demanding type – she just knows the power of sex appeal and how she is oh so good at using it to her advantage. It only takes a couple slight swipes with her thumbs and those bra straps come off, those nice round breasts of hers pop out, and the grin on her face grows even larger. Even the way she loses her heels is done in such a seductive manner. Every movement is done so precisely, in such a way to enrapture you.

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Sunny Leone Stockings Gallery

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