Nikki Nova Naked, Inked, and Sexy

One thing you can say about Nikki Nova, she sure is proud of her tats. Yes we said “tats” as in body ink – tattoos. Okay, she’s proud of the others too. But from her “love” Buddha, to her soaring eagle, to her leopard’s head, to all the other symbols she’s chosen to tell her story and philosophy, Nikki revels in sharing them with all who will look. And if a few choice naked body parts just happen to be also visible, well .. so be it.

A casually dressed Nikki removes her faded jeans, and shows the spotted bra and panties to coincide with her jungle cat tat – making sure we get the full view of the total back-covering mural she literally when through great pains to acquire. A peek at arm and shoulder ink and then, well, okay … back to the boobies – inspiring all-natural works of art in themselves.

Nikki Nova Gallery

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