Natasha Nice Showcases Soft Natural Bod on Hard Stone Steps

Pacific Northwest babe Natasha Nice has been out being one naughty girl! These photos from her official website are going to make you fall in love with that soft all beautiful body. There’s nothing fake or enhanced about Natasha. She’s been blessed with natural perfection! Don’t go thinking that only fake boobs are nice and big either – she’s got an incredible pair of 34DD cup breasts that will take your breath away.

Her pink bra and panties really bring out the girlie side in her. She may be able to look like a smoldering temptress at times – but in these photos, she’s just one sweet chick.

Natasha has been known to be a bad girl as well. Times like these she just loves to strip down naked so anyone around can see. There’s no fun in just being naked at home – she takes it up a notch and spreads those legs outdoors.

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