Mary Carey Flashes Big Boobs and Spreads Legs in White Dress

Mary Carey put up something hot and sexy on her official site – these pictures are only the tip of the ice burg! She looks radiant in that short white dress and heels! Her dress hugs each and every curve – over her big boobs, fitting to her hips, and snug over that round butt. The chains that hang from her garment draw your eyes in and give her an edgy feel.

With a couple wiggles, her dress rides up her thighs. Following her long legs from toes to thighs will give you quite an eyeful. This babe forgot to put on any panties. Silly her! Looks like you get to reap the benefits though – her gorgeous pink pussy is on display! Mary makes sure you don’t have anything obstructing your view by raising one of her long lovely legs high above her head.

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