Lyzette Byanco Executive Duties

lmc-lb.jpgHere’s an update from stunning, Latina model, Lyzette Byanco, that has the exotic hardbody slipping out of her business attire and showing off her wonderful curves.

She writes, “You ever notice that sexy seniorita at the water cooler at your office? Y’know the one, sexy, sultry, dark hair, great body? She gazes at you with those big hazel eyes that change with her moods. Somtimes more brown, sometimes more green. She always looks hot and sexy no matter what she’s wearing. Even if it’s a simplistic brown business suit. You know she’s got something on under that ouftif that is calling your name. Sexy lingerie, black with lace woven patterns. Mmm, something just like what I’m wearing right now. It’s not a fantasy Papi, it’s for real. LB xoxox.”

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