Lisa A. Daniels Buxom in Burgundy

There’s nothing subtle about Columbian pornstar Lisa A. Daniels. The Bogota beauty gushes raw sexuality from every angle of her sexy tanned body – and every salacious glance from her penetrating eyes.

Wearing sheer burgundy lingerie, Lisa’s perfectly rounded breasts, tight waist, and shapely thighs are enough to draw one’s attention quickly . However, it’s what’s going on with her face that keeps her admirers’ stares lingering. The aforementioned eyes take a sultry hold of you while the way she works her tongue and lips … well, just completely captivating, that’s all.

Lisa is also not one just just tease ’em and leave ’em. The complete members-only version of this gallery goes on to titillate and details what happens when she gets a free hand .. or two .. and maybe a little help from a favorite toy.

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