Kelly Madison Better Late Than Never

kelly-madison-pinkdress-08Kelly Madison is what you might call “a late bloomer”. She didn’t get into the adult business until she was 33. She used to work as a printer’s sales rep and later in a graphics firm. We’re guessing she got tired at all those account executives trying to sneak a free peek at her all-natural 34FFs, and decided she might as well turn them into a profit center. That, and she gets horny .. a whole lot.

We can see why Kelly did so well in the business world. Kelly’s ample sales tools would get us nodding our heads and signing anything she put in front of us – especially if she leaned way forward to hand us the contract. But why should she do all the “up front” work and some idiot in the home office get all the money?

So, at 33 she stopped the presses, set up her web shop, and let her boobies and her desires dictate her fortune. We say she made the right move. We also say “Thank You!!!”

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