Jenna Haze Washes Her Panties Wearing Only Panties

It’s wash day. All of Jenna Haze‘s dainty panties, bras, and teddies are all in the dirty clothes basket after a week of steamy, sweaty photo shoots and XXX film-making (just pause and savor the thought of that for a few moments). But a woman’s work is never done, so after Jenna Woolites out her intimates, up on the clothesline they go – none of those fancy dryer things for this girl.

Since everything is in the wash, Jenna only has one pair of pink frilly panties left, so that’s all she’s got on – and of course her “housework heels”. Her lithe natural body is perfectly suited for getting the chores done. It also provides some very sexy viewing as she bends down and stretches up. From her perky breasts to her tiny waist to the sweet small of her back, Jenna makes watching her work and playful experience.

We hope Jenna lets us hang around a bit more. We can’t wait to see how she vacuums.

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