Jenna Haze Retro Sweet and Nasty

Who knew that digging through closets could be so erotic? Certainly Jenna Haze makes it that way. The multiple award-winning pornstar taps into the Valley Girl era of hot pink, poofy hair, and the totally retro innocent-but-nasty look and comes up with a photo gallery that’s “all that and a bag of chips” (as the kids used to say, really, they did back then).

“I found a bunch of stuff from waaaaay back in the 80’s,” Jenna explains, “and thought, wouldn’t it be cool to do a Totally Girly 80’s shoot? I really love this photo set! It’s 103 photos full of bright, bright pink. The giant lollipop, the heart-shaped plastic sunglasses, a huge pink scarf in my hair and of course, horny, girly ole’ me!”

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