Gina Lynn Takes the Stage as Stripper Nurse

Gina Lynn has put up one sexy gallery of photos on her official site! She took to the stage of a strip club to give fans and patrons a show that they would never forget!

You don’t need Dr. Feelgood around when you have your own naughty nurse there. Gina has on a rather loose fitting but short uniform that makes the guys squirm. They know that under the getup is one of the hottest bods in the business. After some build up, she rips it off to expose the pure white bra and panties underneath.

Even the lingerie doesn’t last long! She strips it all off, her monster fake boobs exposed to a crowed that absolutely loves them. They shower the stage in cash as Gina’s banging body keeps a seductive rhythm.

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Gina Lynn Busty Nurse Stripper Gallery

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