Eva Angelina Previews New Lingerie and Naked Body

Ya gotta give Eva Angelina props. Most married pornstars try to keep their husbands a secret – maintain the “I can still get her” illusion. Not Eva. She loves her man and isn’t shy about having it in the open. We like that honesty. We especially admire her lucky hubby for sharing, and his gift-giving taste.

We’ll let Eva tell it, “I got a gift certificate the other day from my husband for a local lingerie shop. I went over there earlier and picked up this hot little nighty! I figured I’d give you guys a preview of it before heading to the bedroom with Danny …”

Isn’t this a total win-win?  Eva gets the gift certificate and the lingerie, we all get the present of watching her strip out of it to ogle her magnificent busty naked body, and good ol’ Danny keeps the best for himself. Way to go, buddy!

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