Aaliyah Love Vintage Hat Modern Bod

You used to stylish silk bow hats like these in the 1930’s and 40’s (well, maybe not you .. ask your grandfather, okay, your great-grandfather). ┬áBut our throughly modern 21st century petite hottie Aaliyah Love pulls it off with great panache. She also does a fantastic job pilling off her vintage black slip and net stockings – which is exactly why we love her so much.

No one combines playful, flirty, and sexy as well as Aaliyah. Maybe it’s that perky angel-kissed face, cheerful but always with a impish wink of mischief thrown in. She slips the slip in her usual fun-loving way and toys with her string of pearls as they slide from breast to breast.

By the time her panties drop, Aaliyah sits cross-legged in an overstuffed chair (another vintage throwback) as if that’s where the frolic stops. Yea, right. This is Aaliyah Love we’re talking about. You know that there’s some nasty action to follow – and the complete 170-plus image gallery provides it all in Aaliyah’s signature rascally raunchy style.

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