SoloFlesh – Water Filled Sex Toy for Lifelike Satisfaction

The history of sex toys now spans back thousands of years to a time when people used wooden carvings and other rudimentary objects to pleasure themselves. Thankfully the world has come a long way since then, and the newest evolution in sex toys for men comes from SoloFlesh. Providing a sexual sensation so real that you can’t tell the difference between It and Her unless your eyes are wide open!

SoloFlesh Review

How It Works — The new SoloFlesh male sex toy achieves a new height in sexual sensitivity thanks to its proprietary design and unique Lifecast texture. When filled with warm water the temperature, touch and movement is nearly identical to that of a woman’s most intimate areas. You can even adjust the firmness from tight teen to mature MILF simply by using the desired amount of water to feel the most realistic vagina available.


Materials — The Lifecast interior texture is an exact recreation of female anatomy begging to be probed, explored and adored. Every detail is carefully crafted to present you with a complete experience of each soft skin fold, the moist contractions of the inner linings and a full depth 100% hypoallergenic experience that is the best we have ever found in a product capable of reliably accepting all of your urges as often as you are ready to get it on again!

See For Yourself — As you can see from this demonstration video, every movement of the SoloFlesh reacts to you exactly the same way your favorite woman will. Each ripple of her skin, the way her pussy lips quiver on contact and the delicate sensation as you thrust your shaft inside her from any angle are enough to convince even the most successful pickup artist that this is a sex toy worthy of your time and attention:

Honesty & Integrity — From the way these sexual works of art are constructed to the way their website handles your purchase, packaging and shipping – SoloFlesh demonstrates the highest level of honesty and integrity at each step along the way. Their payment portal is properly protected by SSL encryption and they accept all major credit cards or PayPal direct payments, which makes it very easy to place your order. Your SoloFlesh arrives in a discreet package without any outward notations of what’s inside, so you never need to worry about nosey neighbors. Best of all, SoloFlesh comes with a complete quality guarantee, and if you change your mind before you use it, you can return it for a refund as long as you return the unused device in its original packaging. All of the details are posted on their website along with an extensive FAQ and plenty of other information that you may find useful when shopping for your newest pocket pussy.

Variety — If you are the kind of man who desires more than one woman, or wants to experience an even more exotic shade of erotica, you should also be sure to check out the SoloFlesh Ebony Sex Toy, which provides all the same natural sexual sensations with a rich ebony skin tone.


As an avid LemmeCheck enthusiast, there is a pretty good chance you have already fucked a very wide assortment of women and devices. In some ways the SoloFlesh is better than an actual girl – no need to buy it dinner, never a nag from it to do household chores, and this pretty pussy never gets a headache, in fact it doesn’t even have a head for that reason! Even more to the point, when it put the SoloFlesh side by side with any other sex toy, nothing feels as good or is as easy to care for as this world class pressure-sensitive fuck friend you can bring along as your guaranteed booty-call companion.

SoloFlesh – See it, try it, love it!