Their First Night Together

Penthouse MassageMeiking gazed across the table at Ken, sipping her tropical cocktail. The outdoor cafe was nearly empty except for the couple, who had been dating only a couple of weeks… a couple of wonderful weeks. They’d hit it off from the moment they were introduced by mutual friends, and from their first date on it was effortless. The sexual tension was palpable, because as yet, Meiking and Ken had only shared a few highly charged goodnight kisses. But they both suspected this would be the night when their romance got physical.

Ken gazed at her across the table. A beam of moonlight lit her from behind, haloing her angelic Asian face. The glow of the candle between them warmly lit her cheeks, which were speckled with adorable freckles. She looked ravishing. The pair were both thirty years old, and Meiking had been divorced a year earlier. Ken could not conceive of any man willing to give up such a prize as her love. Ken himself was a musician, a thin Caucasian man, always chicly dressed, and highly intelligent. He had all the qualities Meiking longed for, and never found in her ex-husband.

After a few laughs the couple walked hand in hand to Ken’s car. Ken drove her to his home, trying to watch the road, but finding it difficult with such a fantastically sexy girl in the passenger seat. Finally they pulled up to Ken’s bungalow, and Meiking accepted his invitation to come in for a drink.

The charade of the “drink” was dropped the moment the door shut behind them. Meiking leapt into Ken’s arms, firmly pressing her large voluptuous lips to his lips, and pressing herself to him. As her lips parted and their tongues touched, Ken found his hands reaching around her waist, clad in a thin tight yellow dress. As Meiking nibbled his lower lip, his hands dropped to her buttocks and squeezed slightly, making her breathe harder, and elevating the intensity of their kissing.

Ken became aware of Meiking’s fingers unbuttoning his shirt, and he kicked off his shoes. They walked backwards together, not breaking the kiss, into Ken’s bedroom, and collapsed onto his soft bed. Already hardening, Ken reached behind Meiking to stroke her shoulder blades, and found the zipper of her dress, which he dragged down her back until the material slid right off.

Meiking had already unzipped his pants, which fell around his ankles at the same time as he was unclasping her bra, and freeing her small but perky breasts, each topped with a puckered, erect, large brown nipple. She shimmied out of her panties and tugged off his boxers, as he leaned forward, his mouth finding her left nipple and lovingly closing around it. The moment Ken’s tongue began to swirl clockwise around her areola, Meiking threw her head back and moaned in pleasure.

Ken’s hand slid down the smooth soft skin of Meiking’s stomach, down the slope between her legs, feeling her moist arousal. Not a word was spoken between the two lovers, just a glance full of sexual heat, as Ken, having deftly slid on a condom almost without her noticing, slid his firm erection between the lips of his Asian lover’s warm, wet slit.

In the missionary position, Meiking spread her shapely, pale legs wide, allowing Ken to drive his member in and out of her tight gripping vagina. Her hands went to his chest, and from her parted lips came a sigh of pleasure.

The pair were already so aroused from the excitement of discovering each other’s bodies for the first time, that the intercourse became quickly intense. In and out Ken pumped Meiking full of his sex, fast, furious, aggressive, and yet loving.

Rolling over, Meiking took the top position, and, bracing herself with her hands on his upper chest, she started bucking her shapely hips to and fro, riding his cock with abandon. The eye contact the new lovers made was sexy enough to send them both into the throes of orgasm, as Meiking rocked quickly up and down, Ken thrusting his hips up in time with her. Meiking came first, her vaginal walls spasm and seizing Ken’s cock as she climaxed, moaning his name, her eyes clenched shut.

Her orgasm sent him over the edge and he thrust faster and harder, his hips lifting off the bed, as he came. With a few grunts and sudden thrusts, his balls tightened and released a hot gust of semen.

Ken and Meiking collapsed together, their sweaty hair matted to the other’s skin. They lay there breathing hard, Ken absently stroking her arm. Both of them knew that now that they had made their love physical, the bond they shared was even stronger, and they both knew they were in good hands.

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