The Penthouse Perk – An Erotic Sex Fantasy

Ally Ann ThroatedSteven and Kelsey had only just moved in to the penthouse apartment, and hadn’t yet had time to try out it’s most luxurious feature. The newlyweds had spent the day unpacking boxes, deciding on furniture placement, choosing paint samples for certain walls, and generally preparing the love nest. By the time they’d eaten some takeout, sitting cross legged on the bare floor of their new home, they were too exhausted to work anymore.

Steven leaned back on his elbows and looked across the floor at his beautiful petite wife. Kelsey’s blond hair was charmingly messy from the day’s work. From beneath it, her eyes peered at Steven.

“I think we deserve a reward, don’t you?” she said to him, with a wink.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” he answered, grinning.

“Last one in is a rotten egg.” she whispered. With that, the lovers sprung to their feet and began tugging at their clothing- discarding socks and shoes and jeans and shirts and underwear. They left a trail of clothes behind them as they made their way to a spiral staircase and chased each other up.

They came out on the roof of the penthouse. The lights of Manhattan’s buildings surrounded them. They couldn’t believe all this was theirs- the garden roof, the stylish apartment… and best of all, the feature they’d been most excited to try: the hot tub.

They’d been warming it all day preparing for this moment. Completely naked, they streaked across the roof, pulled the cover off the tub, and leapt in. The steamy water hit their skin and they both moaned from the sensual feeling.

Steven gazed at his wife as he flicked the switch to turn on the bubble jets. Her nipples, above the surface of the hot water, were erect from the night air, and the city lights surrounding them lit her colorfully.

He knelt down and took the pink crest of her nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around and around. She moaned and wrapped her fingers in his brownish blonde hair, tugging slightly. He stood up then, kissing Kelsey deeply as his fingers found their way to the pink pout between her thighs. She gasped against his mouth, kissing him fervently. Suddenly Kelsey, breathtakingly gorgeous in the nude, got down on her knees, only her head above the surface.

Warm wetness enveloped him, and Steven could only watch as Kelsey’s blonde, wavy haired head moved up and down as she sucked. She flicked her tongue on his swollen tip, then wrapped her lips around and sucked hard. Her mouth moved down to his shaft, her tongue swirling around the thick base. She cupped his delicate sack in his hand, massaging and pulling gently as her mouth worked. Steven lightly placed his hands in her hair, guiding her as she moved. “Oh Kels,” he whispered hoarsely, losing himself to the delicious sensation.

Ally Ann Deepthroat BlowjobKelsey looked up at Steven through her lashes, her cheeks faintly pink with excitement. “I want you Kels,” Steven said gutturally, lifting her up by the hands until she was standing, facing him. He ran his hands down her body, from her firm breasts down to her small waist. The lovers sat on the tub’s bench shelf.

Steven’s cock ached as he felt Kelsey’s tight pussy brush against the tip. She lowered herself onto him, her fingers spreading her lips in order to take his cock in. She groaned as he entered her, her thin body lowering ever slowly until he was completely inside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began grinding her hips on his manhood. Steven’s head fell back as his wife rode him, completely dominating all of his senses. His hands reached around and grabbed her behind as she fucked him, pulling her even farther onto his swollen member. Kelsey moaned louder as she bounced, her exquisite breasts shaking slightly with each thrust. They were in ecstasy, their bodies melting into one as they made love. Steven silenced Kelsey’s increasingly loud moans with his mouth, to which she bit his lip sharply in passion. The bubbles enhanced the experience, massaging them in all the right places. Their pace had quickened, and the water began splashing more violently as Steven had his way with Kelsey. “Oh Steven,” Kelsey moaned, her grip on his shoulders intensifying. Steven felt the familiar clenching in his stomach that meant he was close. He stood up then, his wife’s legs around his waist as he completely supported her with his arms. He thrust into her her wildly then, and Kelsey held on tight.

“Oh Steven, Oh YES!!” she screamed as her body tightened around his in climax. This was more than Steven could take. With a final thrust, Steven felt himself empty into his wife’s warm wetness. Kelsey collapsed on him limply, breathing hard.

They kissed, both having the same simultaneous thought: They’d be making good use of this hot tub.

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