Shedding Inhibition on Skype

Photo Credit: Penthouse Model: Nikki Benz
Model: Nikki Benz / Photo Credit: Penthouse

Some random comment on a random thread and suddenly we were private messaging each other. Then we started Skyping. It was weird the first time we saw each other on cam. He wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but he still had his own kind of handsome qualities that I enjoyed.

Our chats slowly became more risqué. I would wear lower cut tops and he would be in only his shorts. Then I started providing peeks up my skirt at my panties or flashing my bra. Then one day we did lingerie shopping together online. He picked out a couple of things and said he’d buy them for me if I would model them for him. I agreed.

The packages arrived yesterday. Last night, I lived up to my end of the bargain.

My speakers gave off that familiar ding to alert me that he was there. I greeted him from my bedroom and his smile beamed. He immediately questioned what I was wearing beneath my satin robe because the tracking number showed that the order had arrived. I giggled and told him he would just have to wait and see. I hoped he didn’t notice that I was blushing.

I sipped wine and selected music. I rolled my chair out of the way and began to dance. My hands found the tie at my waist. I opened the robe and dropped it. The instant it fell, I felt liberated and more confident than I ever had before. Black straps and lace embraced my body and I felt pride at what good shape I was in. My breasts were barely covered and only a petal of fabric covered my crotch.

I spun around to show my butt in the thong. I looked over my shoulder while teasing down shoulder straps. My breasts were freed. I cupped them in my hands before facing him. I leaned forward to massage them in close up view. My nipples poked out between fingers. He told me how much he fantasized about putting his dick between them. Then he showed it to me.

He sat in front of his computer with his hard cock throbbing in his hands. I told him to start stroking. He did. I didn’t question the lubricant he already had. I watched as he manipulated his erection. I licked at myself and spun again. I leaned forward, bracing myself on the edge of the bed. My boobs swayed beneath me as I positioned my ass into the air. I reached back to massage my wet pussy, pulling the patch of lingerie aside. I asked if he could see how excited I was for him. I caressed my lips and told him to imagine his face buried there, his tongue tasting me. I told him how much I would love to have his hands on my hips and feel him plunging his dick deeper inside of me than he ever thought he could go. I could hear him straining in agreement.

I looked at him, squeezing my tits while the juices on my fingers spread to my nipples. I posed legs spread and naked. I told him I wanted to see him cum for me. I took a hair brush and used the handle to penetrate my soaked pussy. I moaned kept my gaze steady on him as he stroked. I wanted to know his orgasm face. I was about to come and my breath was becoming shallow in anticipation. I tried holding off to see him go first, but it felt too good and I let the ecstasy wash over me. As I leaned forward in exhausted afterglow, I saw him pop off. He groaned as his jizz shot out and I opened my mouth in instinct.

Even now, I fantasize about the taste and wish I could have felt his hot cum spray against my skin.

Evelyn Wilde

Evelyn Wilde

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