Sex Dreams Give Hole in One

Model: Amber Evans. Photo Credit: Foxes

This was a naughty dream I had one night. I didn’t want to wake up!

We were at a mini golf place pretty late and were laughing and having a great time. I could not figure out whether he was just letting me win or if he was really that bad. It was like a massacre! I was sure to tease him about it.

For most of the time we were the only people on the course. When another couple eventually came to play, I told him that I had something I wanted to tell him.

I took him by the hand and lead him to a secluded corner. I sat on top of a log post with my back against a dividing wall. He gave me a curious look and I took his hand. I told him to kiss me and he did. I took his hand and slipped it up my dress confiding that I had neglected to put panties on before leaving my house.

We muttered a few secret things to each other, then he turned his head to glance around. I told him that no one could see us. The other couple was still several holes away. I said this as I undid his pants.

He put his hands up my dress, grasped my back-side and pulled me to him for penetration.

It was wild and wonderful.

We could hear the sounds of the other couple getting closer. His pace quickened. My arms were under his, my hands gripping his shoulders for something to hold on to. I bit down on his shirt to silence my moan as I climaxed. We both finished.

We came around the corner looking slightly disheveled. He had an arm around me for support because my thighs felt weak. We smiled at the other couple, picked up our clubs and went to the next course.

Evelyn Wilde

Evelyn Wilde

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