Secretary Sex in the Warehouse

Kayden Kross Sexy in a Black Dress
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It had been a long day and I was ready to call it a night.  I headed out to the warehouse to see if Greg could walk me out to my car since I was a bit uncomfortable walking out there all alone after dark.  I found him on the forklift and motioned for him to come over.   He turned it off, jumped down, and began heading over my way and I lustfully admired his muscular physique as he did.  I explained I had to stay late and asked if he’d mind accompanying me to my car and he happily obliged.  He smiled and asked if he could carry something for me.  I looked down and realized that I was so caught up in staring at this gorgeous man that I’d forgotten my arms were completely full of files I needed to work on at home tonight and I felt my fair skin begin to blush, an uncontrollable thing that always seems to happen in the presence of Greg.

He laughed reaching out to grab the files out of my hand and then the laptop bag that was hanging on my shoulder.  At that very moment we made eye contact for a moment and the sexual attraction between the two of us was completely obvious.  The next thing I knew we were engaged in the most amazing, passionate kiss!  I stopped myself and backed up trying to catch my breath in sort of shock and disbelief that I just allowed that to happen.  I started to apologize but before I could get the words completely out he slid his hand behind my hair and pulled my face towards his and began kissing me again.  This time I could not resist and neither could he, dropping my things to the floor he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in tight.

I grabbed the back of his head and ran my fingers through his hair as we continued kissing aggressively.  We crumbled to the floor as I fumbled to open his pants on the way down.   He pushed my skirt up and my panties to the side and didn’t hesitate to slide inside of me.   I pulled back just enough to smile at him with approval.  I told him it was okay and that I was on the pill and opened my legs further, welcoming him inside.

I moaned in extreme pleasure as his large, bulging cock thrust in and out of me.  No one had ever made me feel quite this amazing and I started cum like I never had before, moaning and squirming wildly under him as I finished.  Just then he pulled out of me and I felt the warmth of him spilling out and onto my inner thighs.  We kissed a moment longer and he held me tight for a few moments before standing and helping me up off of the floor.  He walked me to my car and we said goodnight.  I went home looking forward to the next time I would have to stay late!

H.M. Christi

H.M. Christi

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