Romantic Night of Intimate Massage Massage
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He grabbed my hand and helped me out of the bubble bath wrapping me in a big soft towel which he had warmed by the fire.  He picked me up and carried me to the bed which was covered in rose petals and the sweet smell of the pink floral candles he had burning around the room filled the air. He laid me gently down onto the bed and asked me to roll over onto my belly, drizzling warm oil at the base of my back and softly running his fingertips up my spine to spread the oil out.  He wrapped his fingers around my neck and shoulders massaging me until I was limber all over.

“I want to make love to you baby, I need you”.  He whispered into my ear leaning over top of me.  I felt my body responding as I began getting wet and my nipples became erect at the feel of his warm breath near my ear.

His hands ran back down the center of my back, over my tail bone and down between my legs rubbing my pussy before slipping his fingers inside me.  I moaned with pleasure, pushing my ass up and opening my legs a little more for him as he continued to work his fingers in and out of me. I wanted him inside me so badly that there was an aching between my legs and when I finally felt his cock penetrate me from behind my nails almost punctured the sheets as my fists uncontrollably closed gripping them tightly.

I pushed my ass into him, trying to get him as deep as I could when he grabbed me, flipping me over and sliding back into me as he stared deep into my eyes.  “I love you”.  He said still gazing deeply into my eyes and then leaning down to kiss me passionately, my mouth opening to welcome his tongue.  Our tongues twisted in and out of each other’s mouth furiously as his large hard cock continued to thrust in and out of me.  He pulled away, grabbing my face as the pleasure increased for both us and I gripped his hips as he emptied into me moaning through his tightly gritted teeth as he came.

H.M. Christi

H.M. Christi

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