Quality Alone Time in a Bubble Bath

Jelena Jensen in a Bubble Bath
Photo Credit: Digital Desire

It had been a long day and I needed some quiet, alone time. I headed upstairs to take a nice hot bath and wind down for the night.  I lit a few candles and slowly removed all of my clothes before sitting on the side of the bathtub and pouring in a little bubble bath.  The steam crept up around me as I reached up pulling my long hair into a loose pile on top of my head, securely it loosely with a clip.  My eyes closed and I leaned my head against the wall behind me sighing as my hands came down to my breasts tracing over my nipples and beginning to rub them.  I moaned pulling and tugging at my nipples, elongating them and making them firm and erect.

“Let’s see what you’ve got to offer”,  I said to myself, looking up at my brand new massaging shower head.

I grabbed the shower head bringing it down to me and sliding into the bubble bath with it.  I braced it with my thighs, aiming it directly at my clit as the heavy stream pounded and thumped against it, bringing me to orgasm almost instantly.  I cried out squeezing my breasts, digging my freshly manicured nails into them aggressively as I came.

I moved my thighs back and forth pushing the wand on and off of my clit gradually building up to another orgasm.  My toes curled and I screamed as I came two more times nearly back to back just as my thighs caused the wand to shift and the metal bumped against the bottom of the bathtub, a strong jet of water shot up inside of me hitting me directly in the g-spot just as the last contraction of my orgasm was finishing causing everything to tighten inside me.  I grabbed my thighs screaming and digging my nails into them unable to move until the mind blowing orgasm came to a stop on its own.

Exhausted, I could barely reach up to turn off the water before closing my eyes and sitting back to enjoy the rest of my bath.

H.M. Christi

H.M. Christi

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