Overtime Sex at the Office

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I wasn’t surprised when Derek called to say he’d be working late again. He’d been staying until the early hours of the morning at his office all week.

I ate dinner by myself and watched a movie. I always waited up for him, but I was getting bored. I decided that I’d take him a late night snack. The vending machine he usually ate from had to be becoming less and less appealing.

I arrived just as the cleaning crew was leaving. They let me into the building. It was dark. The light filtering from Derek’s office was the only way I managed not to crash into desks and office chairs. His blinds were partly open. I saw him sitting at his desk, punching away at his keyboard. I set the bag of pastries on a nearby desk and watched him. I considered sneaking in and yelling “Boo!” but then it struck me how handsome he looked consumed by the project.

I got an idea.

I sat in an employee chair and took out my cell phone. I dialed his. I watched him pick up. I asked how much longer he thought he would be, told him that I was getting lonely in our bed without him next to me.

“Not too much longer” he spoke to me while typing. He seemed to only be half listening to what I was saying.

I told him I was naked.

“Uh huh. That’s nice dear”

I told him that I had thought about him in the shower after work.

“Okay Honey”

I told him I was touching myself.

“That’s good dear”

I moaned.


I saw him stop typing and press the phone to his ear.

I moaned again.

He leaned back in his chair suddenly very attentive.

“Derek?” My voice was a sexy plea.

“Yes?” His breathing was shallow.

“I’m thinking of you as I do this to myself. I wish you were here doing this with me. I’m so close to coming. Are you alone?” I knew it was too dark for him to see me watching.

He looked out his window. “Yeah.”

“It hardly seems fair that I’m here in bed having all the fun while you’re slaving away at the office. Will you do me a favor, baby?”

He cleared his throat. “Sure. What do you want?”

“Unzip your pants. Imagine your hands as mine.” I watched him do as I asked. I walked silently to another chair for a better view. I saw him holding his erection. He rolled his chair away from his desk. He leaned it back against the wall. His head was lifted and I could see his throat. “Are you doing it?” I asked.

I saw him swallow and take a deep breath. “Yes”

“I wish you were lying next to me right now. Do you know what I’d like to do to you?”


“I’d like to kiss your thighs then take your balls in my mouth. Would you like that?” I saw him cup his testicles and begin a massage.

“Umm hmm”

“Next, I’d squeeze your cock between my tits and move up and down while you pinched my nipples.” I rarely used such language, but his reaction was a pleased one. I saw him begin to slowly stroke himself. “Then I’d take you in my mouth. I’d rub my tongue over you.” I unbuttoned the top of my blouse and slid a hand into my bra. I moved the other up my skirt. I secured the phone to my ear with the press of my shoulder. I wiggled in some unknown employees seat.

“Go on” he encouraged.

I was so wet. I was enjoying myself a bit too much. I moaned louder than I meant to. I threw my head back and the chair rolled unexpectedly. I fell backward with a loud crash.

At the noise, Derek jumped up startled and quickly zipped his pants. He said something into the phone but I couldn’t hear him. He hung up.

I heard his office door open. I tried getting up, but my shoe strap was caught on a drawer handle and I couldn’t angle right to undo it.

“Who’s there?” He shouted trying to sound intimidating.

Embarrassed, I answered. “It’s just me Derek. I’m over here.”

“What the…” He turned on the lights.

There I was on the floor, lying on my back in that chair. My blouse was open and my breasts were pulled free of my bra. My skirt was up around my waist and my satin panties were moist. My legs were spread apart and my shoe was stuck on that damn drawer. I must have been quite a sight.

He hurried over to me. “Are you all right?”

“I’m stuck and I think I sprained my ankle.” I saw his initial concern had been replaced by a mischievous smile.

“You’ve been watching me” He chided “You’re a very naughty girl” He shook his finger.

“Haha. Yeah, it’s very funny” I said in sarcastic tone. “Now will you please help me up? My ankle is throbbing.”

He moved his large hands from my ankles up to my knees and down again. “You are so vulnerable like this. I could have my way with you right here.” He looked at my panties and licked his lips.

I felt myself blush with a sense of excitement. I was completely exposed to him. I was stuck and couldn’t be freed without his help. He leaned forward. It caused the chair to move and my foot to bend. “Ouch!” I winced at the pain.

“This chair certainly does get in the way.” He lowered his body to my foot and freed the strap. He lifted me gently from the floor. Still holding me, he extended his tongue to flick at my nipples and then he put his lips over them. I forgot the pain. He set me on the desk. He took my breasts in his hands and rubbed them as he kissed me deeply. I sighed into his mouth. He pulled my panties down and over my high heels and then kicked them aside. I unzipped his pants and took out his erection. I guided it toward me, but he removed my hands and told me to grip the sides of the desk. As I did so, I knocked a nameplate over.

He rubbed the head of his erection against me instead of into me. He moved it up and down – ran it over me in circles. I became slippery. He watched my breasts move with my breathing. I gripped harder. I looked directly at him. I watched him watch my body. I arched my back. His rubbing was increasing speed. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and came. The movement of my body caused a cup of paperclips to tumble over.

Then he was in me. Thrusting himself repeatedly against my marvelously sensitized walls. His hands were over mine gripping the wooden overhang – our knuckles white. The rocking of our bodies caused a plastic paper divider to overturn. Files went everywhere. We didn’t care. I was readying for a second orgasm. His peak was nearly reached.

He thrust. We gripped. I moaned. He groaned. We watched each other. I tightened over him. One, two, three, four more thrusts. I was there. My body tensed then trembled. My ecstasy washed over him and I felt his muscles contract as he burst – exploding into me. Little thrusts as he emptied himself – as I took him in. Our bodies were spent. We were exhausted.

I relaxed my gaze upward and my sight brought a realization. I was staring directly at an active security camera…

Evelyn Wilde

Evelyn Wilde

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