My Slumber Party Fantasy Came True

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Tonight my desire was to be nurtured, no one can nurture like a woman so I made sure to get just what I wanted by inviting a couple old friends over for the night. We got our nighties on and piled up on my bed enjoying some wine, a movie and each others company.

Before I knew it, the moment I was hoping for arrived when one of my friends reached under the blanket and started stroking my thigh.  I leaned my head on her shoulder as her hand went further and further up my inner thigh until she was rubbing my pussy and going to cause me to cum and there was nothing I could do to stop it!

I nestled my head further down into her chest as she got me there; I came almost explosively and opened my eyes to the bare breasts of my other friend directly in my face.  Samantha stopped fingering me and we both immediately latched onto Beth’s full nipples, pulling and sucking gently and making her writhe with pleasure as she held the back of our heads.

Pretty soon the three of us were intertwined in a pile, and the sensuous sounds of wet sucking and squishing filled the room as we licked, sucked and kissed each other everywhere.   Two of us were lying on our sides kissing each other deeply and playing with each others nipples while our other friend generously went down between our legs and began going back and forth and eagerly lapping up our wet pussies.

I grabbed my friend’s hair and pulled her head harder into my pussy while I worked my hips up and down until I came between her beautiful full red lips.  I could hear Beth was getting close too, and I reached over spreading her swollen pussy open so her clit was perfectly exposed while Samantha finished her off.

Samantha and I watched loving every minute of it as Beth began to squirt while she came, she cried out in ecstasy as the cum shot out of her like a water fountain and into Samantha’s mouth!  She drank all of her down seeming to savor every drop of her. It was a night of endless pleasure giving me just what I needed and one more amazing memory with some dear old friends!

H.M. Christi

H.M. Christi

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