My Husband Has an Untold Secret

Photo Scene Credit: Penthouse Couples
Photo Scene Credit: Penthouse Couples

I am truly in love with my husband. It’s something I can’t describe but ever since the day I met him, he just seemed like he was supposed to be in my life for a purpose. He has always supported me no matter what, and he has shown me nothing but unconditional love. I’ve showed that for him as well as I always remind him that I will be there for him no matter what. You could definitely call me an accepting person, but it’s true, Jake is my husband and I don’t believe there would be anything that would stop me from loving and being with him.

I tell this to my girlfriends constantly, but they brush it off and tell me that if he ever did something behind my back, like cheating, that I would feel completely different about the situation. Little did they know, I really have experienced a situation like that, and I’m still happy with my relationship and I’m still completely in love with him.

About three months ago, I remember I was at my friend’s house, and she lived just a few blocks away. We were catching up and having dinner and wine together so my husband knew that I would be gone for a few hours. Well, that evening I wasn’t feeling too well so I decided to cut the night short and head back a couple hours early to take some medicine and rest. But as I was walking closer to my home, I noticed that there was a car in my driveway that I never had seen before. I didn’t have any children so I knew it had to be someone that was there for my husband. It was too late for a business meeting so I walked quickly to see what was going on.

Instead of barging right in, I decided to investigate a bit and look through our back window. It had the view of the kitchen and living room so I figured I might see something. As I snuck in the back quietly and looked through the window, I had to do a double take as I saw my husband in the living room sucking another man’s cock. At first I just couldn’t believe it, I rubbed my eyes and looked again thinking I wouldn’t be seeing it, but I did. But in that moment of realization, I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t upset, I was aroused. I never thought of my husband in this way before, and seeing it was a whole new fantasy I found myself wrapped up in. Jake was a strong and masculine man and seeing him caressing another man was somewhat sexy. I couldn’t believe that I was actually getting turned on by this, but I was. I watched and couldn’t stop staring, and realized I wanted a closer view. I thought I would take a risk and go inside.

I went in through the front door and Jake came walking towards me telling me that he can explain and not to freak out. I told him to hush as I wanted to speak. He looked terrified, but I would soon calm his nerves. I told him that I wasn’t feeling well so came home early and that I saw him sucking a man’s cock from the back window. I told him I wasn’t angry but interested and wanted to watch the two of them as long as Jake would promise not to keep secrets from me anymore.

Jake looked confused yet relieved at the same time. He told me that he didn’t mean to sneak around, but that he loved me and everything about me, but had always been curious about men. I told him that it was all okay and as long as he still wanted me, then we would work something out. I had no problem with having a husband that was bisexual, as long as he wouldn’t hide it from me any longer, everything would be okay. I then told him that I wanted to watch him and this other man continue their sexual favors. The other man, who went by the name of Geoff, came around from the living room and apologized. I told him there would be no more of that and I wanted to now have some fun. Jake came close to me and kissed me and the fun began.

I sat in the corner while Jake and Geoff began touching each other. This was all so new to me, but I was more than ready to explore and watch them and maybe even receive some pleasure myself. I was watching Geoff as he put his large hands against Jake’s chest and moved his hands lower until one was wrapped firmly around Jake’s large cock. He stroked it up and down and started sucking on it and pushing it deep inside of his mouth. My pussy was aching as it all looked so satisfying. I then decided to take off my top and jeans and I began masturbating across from them. Jake looked over and moaned as he was being pleasured while watching me play with myself. I was happy as I was then feeling so much better than before.

I moved my way over to Jake and Geoff, to see if they wanted me to play with them as well. Jake and I never had a threesome before, and I was eager to see what it’d be like. They both welcomed me immediately and Jake and I began kissing deeply while he was grabbing my ass. Geoff started fingering me from behind as I was kissing Jake now on the neck and chest. I moaned so loud into Jake’s ear and I eventually slid his cock down in my pussy. I rode him as he watched my tits bounce repeatedly. Jake put out his left hand to the side as he stroked Geoff’s cock during the process. All three of us were receiving pleasure in different ways and it was truly the most orgasmic experience I have ever had in my life. His little secret was out now, but my love for him wouldn’t stop because of that. All we did was embrace it and continued to have fun in any way we desired.

Kate Lee

Kate Lee

If you have ever wondered what it was like to experience sexual fantasy through the thoughts of a very sexually and spiritually open person, then prepare for an arousing adventure in orgasmic sins of the flesh.