My Amazing Night of Fantasy

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I couldn’t believe the night was finally here, the night that I would finally get to experience my most thought of fantasy. For so long, I had wondered what it would be like to be with two men at the same time, but I never put any action towards making it happen as I was in a committed relationship. My husband, Rick, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so sexually attracted to him, just like when we first started dating, and he is truly my emotional partner for life. We made a commitment to each other years ago and our relationship has been anything but dull. But I had this thought in the back of my head of what it would be like to be with my sexy husband along with another man as well. The thought of being pleasured in multiple places turned me on completely, but I never had the courage to tell my husband this.

One day, I knew I had to tell him, as we never wanted to keep anything from one another. It was after we just had amazing sex, and I was lying on his chest. I looked up at him and asked him if he would be offended if I was curious about having a threesome. I was prepared to get an angry look, but to my surprise, Rick just had a smile on his face and began laughing. At first I thought he was making fun of me, but then I realized that he had wanted to try a threesome just as long as I had. I was a little skeptical with how he would react when I brought up that I wanted a man to be the third person, but again, another shock, he was perfectly fine with that, and was even a bit curious himself. That talk couldn’t have gone any better as I would finally know what it would feel like to be the center of attention from two men in the bedroom, one being my husband who I loved since the day I met him, and then a mystery man who I couldn’t wait to meet.

It was late on a Friday evening and I was lighting candles and bringing out the champagne. I knew my husband and the mystery man would be home soon, so I tried getting everything prepared as fast as I could. My husband took the role of finding the man, as he said he had someone in mind who he worked with, so I trusted that he would be a man I’d want to play with. I was dressed in a red lace panty and bra, new from the store, and I couldn’t wait for the two of them to see me when they walked through the door.

Minutes later, I heard a knock at the door and our front door opened and my husband was standing right next to this sexy Hispanic man that made my mind roll. He was wearing a button down shirt with the top half of the buttons undone and his hard abs were showing through. He had dark hair that was slicked back and I just couldn’t wait to run my fingers through it. We wasted no time as we all took a sip of champagne, and we were already on the way to the bedroom. No name was given to this mystery man, but I liked it that way, as it made the whole experience seem more…surreal. Rick and this man began working together to take off my clothes and their clothes as well. I was eventually laid down on the bed fully naked and Rick began kissing me gently and telling me how much he loved me. I needed to hear that, so it made the experience that much better.

Out of the blue, this other sexy man began fingering me and I couldn’t even see him as I was still kissing my husband. There was so much stimulation running through my body that I felt I was going to orgasm in no time. I soon felt a tongue brush back and forth and I knew an orgasm was reaching the top. I moaned so loud in Rick’s ear and he just stared in my eyes as I did. Before I knew it, Rick slid his cock inside of me and I was so wet to begin with. He thrusted against my body and I could hear his loud moans echoing mine. The mystery man was now by my upper body and he was playing with my breasts and sucking my nipples. He was masturbating at the time while doing so and I couldn’t believe all of this was happening at once, just for me. In soon time, Rick came deep inside of me, while the other man came as well over my large breasts. I was blown away by what came over me, my fantasy had finally come true, and I couldn’t believe it was all real. We all three eventually collapsed over one another while breathing heavily and we drifted off into a deep sleep. None of us expected this experience to be as amazing as it was. I’m happy to say that it happened and I’m happy knowing that I have such an incredible husband to let my fantasies come true.

Kate Lee

Kate Lee

If you have ever wondered what it was like to experience sexual fantasy through the thoughts of a very sexually and spiritually open person, then prepare for an arousing adventure in orgasmic sins of the flesh.