Much More Than Old Friends

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Before Ethan moved away during his senior year of high school to live with his mother, he and Laura had been best friends. They’d lived next door to each other since their early teens and had shared in many adventures and secrets. She had missed him while he was away, but busy with their own lives, they failed to keep in contact.

Now he was back. His father had passed away and he had inherited the house. Laura was renting a place on the next block. His father’s funeral was the first time they had seen each other since he left 6 years earlier.

She had held him that day and let him cry on her shoulder in private. He had a strained relationship with Roger. Laura had heard them fighting many times through the years, but still Roger’s death struck Ethan hard. He regretted the way they had left things. Laura consoled him and hurt for her friend. It was then that he kissed her. It was a gentle kiss and she could taste his tears. It was interrupted by the arrival of his cousin.

They quickly picked up their old friendship and spent much time together. They would rent movies and order dinner. It was most always at Laura’s house because Ethan didn’t like remaining in his. There were too many memories.

Laura never forgot that kiss. She thought about it often, but figured he must have just been looking for comfort at that moment since he hadn’t tried to kiss her again. And though neither of them ever mentioned that kiss, it still hung in the air like a whisper not quite spoken.

Laura hadn’t expected Ethan to come by. It was a Tuesday and on Tuesdays he usually worked late. She used the free time to relax in a warm, vanilla-scented bath. While she was soaking, she heard a knock on her front door.

“It’s Ethan.” She heard him say.

“Come on in.” She answered. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

She got out of the tub and slipped into a simple cotton nightgown hanging on the door. She let her hair down and brushed through it. She went out to join him.

“You’re off early tonight.” She commented while getting a bottle of water from her fridge.

“I went in early today.” He was watching her. “I picked up a couple of movies on the way over.”

Laura noticed that he was still in his nice work clothes. She felt a little self conscious about the way he was looking at her. “What?” she asked.
He grinned. “Just got out of the bath, I see.” He let his gaze fall on her breasts where the nightgown was clinging to her damp skin – her nipples pointing.

She blushed. “I can’t help it. It’s cold in here.” They were comfortable enough with each other that they could joke easily about such things. “Your knock surprised me. I didn’t even have a chance to put on any underwear.”

“Uh oh.” He said still smiling as he put a DVD in the player. “You’d better put some on or I just might try to touch it.” His back was to her.

“Oh my God Ethan!” She exclaimed with a laugh. “I can’t believe you actually said that! You will not.” She watched his shape, the way his shoulders moved under the blue fabric of his shirt as he put down the movie case and turned to her.

“I will to.” He moved a little closer to her. “Now go put some on.”

She stared at him blankly for a moment trying to determine if his tone was teasing or serious. He wouldn’t really do it, would he? “This is my house and I will put panties on when I feel like it.” She crossed her arms and gave him a stern look. “You are in quite a mood today Ethan.” She shook her head and turned to walk the other way.

Then he was behind her. One arm wrapped around her waist, his voice in her ear, a hand on her shoulder. “This is your last chance.”
She felt his breath and her heartbeat quickened. His arm held her tightly against him. “I will not.” Her voice was softer now.

“Well then Laura,” He smelled the vanilla scent on her skin. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

She could hardly breathe. This was not the boy she knew 6 years ago; this was a man with strong arms and desire in his voice.

Arm still secure around her waist, he took her to the couch and pulled her down with him. She was on his lap with her legs closed. He pushed his knees upward and used them to part hers. He placed his free hand half way up her thigh and slowly started pushing the hem of her gown upward. He nuzzled her neck and nipped her ear. “Are you going to put them on Laura?” He asked as his hand rose steadily higher.

Her body was tense. She was frozen with anticipation, afraid that any movement would cause the spell to be broken. “No.” Her voice was barely audible as she waited to see if he would take it any farther. She closed her eyes and thought of the kiss they had shared.

He watched her face, felt the weight of her body lying against him. His hand traveled up her thigh to the soft curls of her hair beneath the cotton gown. He let his fingers feel the luxury of it, still damp from the bath. Then he brushed his knuckles very lightly against her lips in an up and down motion. She felt her body tingle and grow so warm she was certain she would catch fire.

“Are you sure?” He whispered.

“Yes.” was her whimpered response. “Yes.”

Still lightly touching and teasing with the one hand, he used the other to pull down the top of her gown. Her breasts were bare. She could feel his stiffness against her as he brushed a thumb against an erect nipple. She moaned.

He took her breast fully in his hand and began massaging its swell, using his fingers to gently pinch the tip. His hand began rubbing her between her thighs as he kissed her neck.

She felt herself moistening, readying for him. “Tell me you want this.” He groaned against her.

“I want this.” She panted.

His fingers found her clitoris and began working in a circular motion – all the while he was still kneading her breast and kissing her. She moaned and began to wriggle against him. She could feel the rise and fall of his hips as he moved against her. He loved her warmth, he loved how wet she was for him. He continued circling. Her wriggling grew fiercer, her moans became more urgent. Her whole body was taken by the desire, the need for release. The fire built inside her and kept building. He rubbed faster, kneaded rougher, kissed harder. Then she felt it. Her writhing figure arched upward, her flesh flushed, her moan freed from her throat and she came, her body trembling.

He felt her release and slowed his rubbing; let her body lay slack against his. He kissed her temple and brushed a strand of hair from her eyes. She looked so peaceful – her breasts showing freely, her gown around her waist, the sleepy contentment on her face. But he still needed more. He ached for her now.

He gently moved himself from under her and stood. She smiled up at him and lazily touched her breasts for his view.

He took off his belt and undid his pants. He pulled them down, but did not bother to take them off. Erect, he kneeled behind her on the sofa and helped her onto all fours. He rubbed the roundness of her bottom then moved his hands to her lips. He spread them open and slid into her. He groaned at the feel of her tightness. She gasped and grabbed onto the sofa arm. Holding her waist, he began rocking into her. Slowly at first, finding the rhythm. The movement caused her nipples to brush pleasantly against the upholstery. He quickened the pace – watched himself slide in and out of her. He waited to feel her muscles contract, to feel her moisture rush over him. He waited for her to come again. Then he went faster and deeper, plunging and thrusting himself until finally he burst inside of her body and his need was fulfilled.

Their bodies lay entwined the rest of the night, oblivious to the movie playing in the background.

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