Lust on the Beach at Midnight

Photographer Credit: Tammy Sands / VIP Area

I was relaxing on the beach with a glass of wine last night at sunset when a sexy guy walking up caught my eye. Between his good looks and the ocean, which always has a way of turning me on, I just couldn’t resist.

As he approached me, I made flirtatious eye contact with him and when he smiled back I invited him to sit with me. His name was Jeremy; he had the most stunning brown eyes and gorgeous black hair that was all messy from his swim. I love a guy with messy hair, I find it so sexy! I found him so sexy! I introduced myself and we talked and laughed, drinking some wine together as the sun set and the people started to clear out leaving us all alone.

My desire for him was growing, and so I reached my leg across the towel and started stroking his thigh with my toes making eye contact with him the whole time. When I realized we were finally alone I asked him seductively if he wanted me. He didn’t have to answer because his body responded for him.

I leaned over and kissed him deeply and passionately. We got up and headed into the water, I pulled off my bikini bottoms holding them in my hand as I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist. I reached down and slid one hand into his bathing suit and guided him inside me. We both moaned with relief and I couldn’t help but dig my nails into his back as his hard cock slid deep into my pussy. He felt so good inside of me that I screamed out reaching orgasm, contracting around him almost milking him as he thrust in and out. I ground my pussy into him as our tongues aggressively twisted in and out of each other’s mouths. He was such a good kisser and his mouth felt so good as he leaned down sucking on my erect nipples that were popping out of my bikini top. We rocked back and forth with the motion of the water and he gave me orgasm after orgasm. My nails dug into his back and he didn’t seem to mind; in fact his moaning told me he was enjoying it as much as I was. I could feel him getting closer to cumming as he began to swell up inside of me, I begged him to cum in me.

He cried out as I felt his hot load shoot deep into my pussy. I locked my thighs around him so he couldn’t pull out; I wanted every drop of this man! The feel of him releasing inside me brought me to yet another orgasm, I collapsed laying my head down on his shoulder trying to catch my breath while he held me tight, still inside me. We kissed a bit more and I thanked him for taking care of me and giving me what I needed before we said good-bye!

H.M. Christi

H.M. Christi

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