In the Saddle and On My Mount

Tori Black in a Cowboy Hat
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The morning after David left me for another woman, I’d gone running.

I had been sitting at our kitchen table swirling the spoon around in my cereal bowl with complete disinterest. I stared across at the chair he usually sat in. I looked at his empty coffee mug next to the sink. I let go of my spoon. I kicked his chair. I threw his mug. I couldn’t be inside our house anymore. Everything reminded me of him. So I ran. I ran until my sides ached and my breath was strained.

After that day, running had become a tension-relieving ritual for me. I ran five mornings a week before work. One day several weeks later, I had decided to run down a dirt road instead of on the nice paved paths. I had wanted the quiet. That was the first time I saw him.

It was July and the mornings were already hot. He was standing outside a storage building loading bales of straw and hay into the back of a truck. His jeans were stained and loose. His hips were exposed. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his well-defined torso made him look like sculpture. Sweat ran on his skin, trickling down his flesh on trails of muscle. Suddenly I felt thirsty. I stopped running to drink from my bottle of chilled Dasani.

He noticed me and waved. He didn’t appear to know I’d been staring. I smiled and waved in friendly return.

“Hot day for a run” He shouted.

I wondered how his voice would sound whispering in my ear. I wondered how much hotter we could make the day with our sweaty bodies sliding over each other, rubbing against one another like two sticks trying to spark fire. I took another swig of water. “Very hot” I answered.

He smiled and wished me a nice day before getting in his truck and driving off. I turned to begin the jog back home. With thoughts of him still on my mind, I tripped over a rock in the road. I jumped up and checked to make sure he hadn’t seen and then hurried on my way.

I orgasmed with his image in my mind that night. That became my new morning path and my new nightly ritual.

David who?

Elsa and I had been spending a lot of time drinking coffee at Barnes and Noble. She had developed a major crush on one of the guys that worked there. She would drag me there after work several times a week so that she could blush every time Sean looked at her and then leave regretting that she hadn’t thought of anything clever to say to him.

When I noticed a small group of men in suits sitting nearby, she was asking me if her top showed enough cleavage to get his attention. She made a comment about the cashier with the big boobs that was always chatting with Sean. I wasn’t really listening to her. I was watching the men and listening to their voices. I could only see the back of him, but I recognized his voice the moment he spoke. My farm boy fantasy drank cappuccino and discussed business proposals.

I watched as the men patted each others’ backs and began leaving. On his way to the trash bin, he saw me. He smiled with recognition and walked over.

“Hello” he said. “I almost didn’t recognize you. You’re always in your running clothes when I see you.”

Until now, there had always been fencing between us. He’d never stood this close. I had to force my voice to sound. “I almost didn’t recognize you with a shirt on” I joked.

He smiled and it was beautiful. His blonde hair and blue eyes made him seem too gorgeous to be real.

“Do you mind?” He motioned to an empty seat.

“Not at all” Elsa answered for me. She was grinning enormously at the realization of who he was. She knew all about my morning routine of the past few months.

He sat with us and we had a long conversation. I learned that his name was Jacob and he worked at an advertising firm to make his living, but also ran a horse rescue with a friend of his. He’d moved out of his fancy apartment the year before so that he could live in a house on the same land as the animals. As polished as he looked in his business attire, his hands told the truth of his work in the form of calluses. I wanted those hands to be on me. I wanted the scent of his fancy cologne to be over me. I wanted to muss up his perfect hair the way I saw it on my morning runs.

He told me that I should stop in one morning and he would introduce me to the horses. The way he looked directly at me while speaking made me feel like I was riding waves and completely vulnerable to being lost in his undertow. I wanted to be lost in him.

That night, I dreamt he had me in the backseat of his shiny silver car with it’s custom license plates.

The following Sunday, I took him up on his offer.

He seemed happy to see me when I met him at his truck. I had chosen my sexiest exercise clothes for the occasion. I wore a tight white tank top and short blue cotton shorts. I had even passed on wearing my simple cotton underwear and chosen a lace thong instead. My hair was pulled back in a bouncy ponytail with two small sections of hair loose by my face. I’d lavished my body with my most delicious smelling lotion before leaving the house. On my way there, I had jogged passed several neighbors on their way to church.

He filled the bed of the truck with feed and drove us to the stables. The ride was bumpy and I caught him glance at the movement of my breasts. I grinned and he blushed.

“Sorry” he said.

“Don’t be,” I grinned. “Enjoy the view”. I surprised myself with my bluntness.

We reached the stables and he led me through, introducing the animals by name and telling me a brief story about how each individual had ended up at the rescue. There was genuine compassion in his features as he pet them. I wondered if he would take so much care in his touch of me.

“Are those bunnies?” I asked and made my way to a small enclosure.

“Yeah. They’re only here temporarily until we find a home for the two of them.”

“Are they friendly?” I reached down toward them.

“Yeah they’re real sweet.”

I leaned forward to stroke their soft fur. Suddenly things were very quiet. I felt Jacob looking at me.

“What are you doing back there?” I asked while watching the twitching of a velvet bunny nose.

“Enjoying the view,” he said smoothly.

“Oh” I giggled and wiggled my bottom for him.

“Awesome” he said.

I let myself imagine that he was pulling my shorts off of me. That he was slowly inching my thong down. I let myself think of his soft lips kissing my cheek just below my hip. I imagined for a moment that his hands were on my waist and his dick was slowly inserting itself. I closed my eyes and thought of him pushing it in slowly and pulling it out swiftly.

Slowly and swiftly. Slowly and swiftly.

I blinked my eyes and stood up. He was still looking at me. He appeared to be in some deep thought of his own.

“This is nice” I walked over to a life-sized cast iron horse complete with a brand new saddle.

“A local artist just donated that.” He answered after a moment. “We’re going to make a special place for it by the front gate”.

“Is it secure enough to hold a person?”

“Very secure. Have you ever been on a horse before?”

“No. That’s why I asked. I wouldn’t even know how to get onto one – they’re so big. I’d be afraid it would move before I was all the way up and I’d fall off. This looks much safer than the real thing!”

“Here. I’ll help you up.” He guided me on and I felt how warm his touch was. I ached to feel more.

His cell phone rang from in his truck. “I’ll be right back”. He rushed to answer it.

I felt powerful sitting up there higher than everything else. It was sturdy and felt strong. I pretended the horse was real. I remembered the bumpy ride on the dirt road and wondered if that was similar to riding a horse. I remembered Jacob’s gaze on my bouncing top and smiled. I closed my eyes and bounced on the saddle pretending it was moving over a trail.

I recalled the first time I’d seen Jacob sweating hard at his work. I imagined I was bouncing on top of him. My mind was racing. I gripped the saddle horn tightly and inched my crotch forward. I held onto it with one hand and rubbed my clit against it. The fabric of my clothing created a splendid friction. I lifted my other hand to my hair and took off my scrunchie. I let it fall loose. I massaged my breasts through my top. I was completely lost in my fantasy. I moaned his name.

I heard a horse neigh and was instantly brought back to myself. Realizing what I was doing, my eyes flung open. Jacob was staring at me. I froze. I didn’t know what to say. I hoped that if I stayed still enough I could blend into the room and disappear. His gaze was piercing through me.

He moved urgently. In an instant he was on the saddle with me. He pushed his hips into the back of mine and began kissing my neck. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed my breasts. He rocked me forward. I could feel his erection straining against his denim as he pushed me against the horn.

I was moaning at his kisses, at his movements. I was whimpering. He nibbled my ear.

“Ride it,” he commanded. “Ride it just like you were”.

I did.

As I rubbed myself against it, he rubbed himself against me. I was lost in him. My caution and sense of modesty had fled me. He removed his shirt and then his hands gripped the hem of my tank and he pulled it over my head from his hungry position behind me. He tore my bra off. My head dizzy from the spontaneous pleasure, I felt him turn my body to face his. He had removed his pants at some point but I had been too drunk on desire to realize it. He pulled my shorts down and my thong with them. I held onto him for support so I didn’t fall. His hold felt like the safest place in the world. He brought me onto his lap. I slid myself down over his erection. A perfect fit. I rode the trail rough. I pounced and pleaded and bit down on his shoulder.

“Ride me.” he said. “Oh God, just keep riding me.”

We were kissing. Our tongues fucking each other the way our bodies were. An intense kind of need devouring us.

Sweat. We were sweating. Tasting the salt of each other. Bouncing. Rocking. Thrusting.

“Ride me.” He panted.

“Yes!” I screamed.

Up and down. Up and down.

My breasts pressed into his chest, our arms wrapped under to grab each others’ shoulders. I was so dizzy. The world was so hot. We were up above everything riding the waves of ecstasy. I couldn’t see clearly. There was sweat in my eyes. His breathing was hot in my ear.

Up and down. Up and down.

And we were there.

My whole body jerked at the crescendo. My nails dug into him. He whimpered and slowed his pushing. Our thighs were sweaty and I could feel his fluid flowing into me. He nibbled at my nipple affectionately as it happened. His sweat dripped onto my chest.

I’d ridden my first stallion.

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