Ellen’s New Body

ddg-rockell-02 Ellen’s arms trembled as she lifted herself up, passing her chin above the chin-up bar. Her feet dangled above the floor and her entire body flexed, as she waited a moment, feeling the endorphins soar through her brain. Then, finally she set herself gently back down to the floor of her workout room and turned to face the mirror.

Ellen smiled. A month ago she had been worried about going to the beach, afraid her tummy rolls would be a turn off and she’d be embarrassed to wear a bikini. Now, after a month of the most intense workout regime she’d ever tried, she looked incredible. She’d finally attained her dream body. Her stomach, bare under the sorts bra, was not just flat, but displaying chiseled abs and a well defined hint of six pack. Her breasts were higher and perkier than ever, seated atop her rib cage. Her arms were toned, with impressive biceps, still gleaming with sweat. Her legs were thin but packed with muscles, calves bulging from the days of long jogs on the treadmill. Her butt, encased in black spandex shorts, was a perfect bubble of firm flesh, no flab, all muscle.

Her smiling freckled face stared back at her, her long black hair in a ponytail, her pouty lips in a proud grin. Her cheeks were still flushed red from the workout.

“Hey, Wonder Woman” said a voice from behind her.  Another face appeared in the mirror behind her. It was her boyfriend Frank. He slipped his arms around her waist from behind and kissed her neck.

Frank was a tall, big man, but now that Ellen had achieved her physical transformation, he was clearly no match for her. He tried going on a jog with her, but was huffing and puffing by the second mile, as she sped on out of sight.

“Hey Superman.” she answered with a smile.

“Are you kidding? More like Clark Kent. You are so fit now, you could kick my ass.”

Ellen laughed. “Is that a good thing?” she asked, feeling him reach up to cup her breasts with both hands, through the sports bra.

“Y’know what?” Frank began, feeling through the material for the hard nubs of her nipples, “It really is a good thing.” He turned her to face him and they embraced. “When you first started getting these muscles I felt a little emasculated, to be honest. I was asking YOU for help opening ketchup bottles,” he laughed. “But more and more, it kinda turned me on.”

“Really?” Ellen said, her grin taking on a naughty twist. She felt him pressing against her.

“Really. The fact that you’re so strong. The fact that you’re stronger than me… it.. makes me crazy.” said her burly boyfriend.

“I can feel that you’re telling the truth.” Ellen teased, her eyes lowering to the bulge in his jeans, pressed against her tight stomach.

Ellen unzipped Frank’s fly and snaked her hand into his boxer shorts. He threw his head back and sighed. Taking his hard member in her fist, she started pumping her arm up and down, jerking him off steadily.

“God, Ellen… so hot…” Frank moaned.

“What is?” Ellen asked, pumping him harder.

“Your bicep– the way it’s bulging as you jerk me off.”

They both looked down. Indeed, as she pleasured him, her arm muscles were tensed, the tendons showing, the bicep bulging, even a vein popping slightly.

ddg-rockell-01Quite suddenly, the couple kissed, mouth open, tongues wrestling. Frank gasped as Ellen, his much-shorter lover, picked him up off his feet and practically threw him to the couch. She then mounted him, straddling his parted legs, and tore off her sports bra. Her shapely breasts swung free. Frank couldn’t keep his hands, or tongue, off of them.

As she mounted him, she whispered in his ear, “I’ll tell you what. Let’s arm wrestle. If you win, we have sex. If you lose, you take a cold shower.”

Frank laughed. “Are you serious?”


They rose from the couch and pulled two chairs up to a cards table. The lover’s hands clasped, elbows close together on the surface.

“Ready?” Ellen said, breathless.

“I’m going to really try to beat you.” Frank insisted.

“I know. I want your best shot.” Ellen said. Then she counted backward. “Three… two… one…”

With a jolt, the war of the sexes began. Both arms quivered, Ellen’s thin one and Frank’s thick one. They made eye contact, squinting with exertion as they both tried their hardest to overpower the other. Bicep bulging, Ellen’s arm began to descend, under the pressure of Frank’s. She summoned all her strength and went into high gear, her face red. She pushed Frank’s fist back to an upright position, and then began leading it down to the table. With one last grunt, she slammed his arm to the surface, her’s triumphantly throbbing on top.

“I can’t believe it!” Frank cried.

“It’s okay,” Ellen said, getting up. “I’ll join you. I need a shower too.”

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