Driving Passions and Impulsive Desire

Although only meeting a few times before, a fire had sparked between Alice and this new handsome stranger. They had met by chance a few weeks back at one of her favorite coffee shops, and ever since then they had become lost in each other’s bodies craving the lust and passion that ignited between them.

This meeting had been a spontaneous decision whilst they were both on lunch break and now there Rob sat in his top of the range car waiting for her. In most women’s eyes he was the definition of attractive,  with his deep brown hair perfectly set in a ‘just got out of bed’ style, stunning emerald eyes and muscles that made everyone at the gym stare, there was little anyone could do to resist him. Sliding into the car next to him she adjusted her dress slightly so he got a brief glimpse of the satin red underwear she was hiding between her long elegant thighs, and gave a wry smile at his sudden intake of breath.  A dark look entering Rob’s eyes, he put the car in gear and sped off to find a secluded spot.

Having never taken such a risk before Alice was nervous but exhilarated by the thrill of what she was about to partake in. Making love in a car had always been a dream of hers and now it was about to come true. Pulling into an abandoned car park Alice started to wonder just how secluded this spot was but the aching between her legs and the promise of yet another passionate encounter awoke an inner courage in her.  The feeling of being watched crept through her and turning to look at Rob she saw his eyes scouring every inch of her body, drinking her in.

Slowly he placed his hand on her thigh, and with a firm yet gentle touch ran it up her leg stopping just before his fingertips reached the spot she so desperately wanted him to touch.  Remembering what those fingers were capable of made the ache spread further and she found herself trying to inch closer.  Rob’s hand pressed on further still, stroking and teasing her most intimate parts. Reaching across she too started to tease and stroke him, running her fingers up and down his length, feeling it harden and grow at her touch. Their eyes locked onto each other spoke a silent language.

Unable to hold back any further Rob started to caress her body, still both in their seats it was a difficult task, but they were too lost in their own world to notice. Feeling her supple large breasts under his hands Rob moaned as she unfastened his trousers, releasing the immense spectre that resided there. Taking it in her hand she stroked and rubbed it, his fingers moved down to her thighs again this time pushing aside her underwear and stroking the soft folds beneath, feeling this sensation consumed Alice inspiring her to lean over and take his member in her mouth.  Moving up and down Alice took all the length she could, flicking her tongue around the head causing it to gorge with blood.

Lost in sensation Alice maneuvered herself on top of Rob, hitching up her dress she pulled aside her underwear and slid onto him, filling herself with his lust. Holding her hips firmly with both hands Rob thrust upwards at such a speed that soon they were both moaning and clawing at each other.  His hard member pushing deep into her made her stretch and cry out with amazement, he moved with such rhythm it wasn’t long before Alice reached a climax. A rippling sensation rushed through her making her lightheaded and thrust back against him with such vigor that he too came with such force that he was sure people around the block could hear him.

Moving back onto the passenger seat, Alice left a trail of their juices mixed together and they both smiled at the secret that car now held. Driving back to work Alice beamed with ecstasy and wonder thinking about their next erotic encounter.

Elizabeth Luxure

Elizabeth Luxure

Fantasies meet reality and intense passion from the sexually imaginative mind of Elizabeth Luxure. Find and experience your fantasy with Elizabeth today.