A Slave to My Sexual Cravings

Gracie Glam in a hardcore shoot for Holly Randall
Photo Credit: Holly Randall

I am a slave to my sexual cravings. When my lover arrived home from work last night, I approached him for sex, but he was tired and hungry.

Later, he sent me a text message while he was in bed and I was at the computer. He wanted sex, but I rejected him. I get annoyed when I am expected to satisfy his urges after my own were disregarded.

I continued my work online and tried ignoring him, but my desire grew with every moment. I fought the cravings for as long as I could, but soon found myself undressing and approaching the bed.

Completely nude, I rested my body beside him. I was hot with want but refused to be the first to touch. I wanted my body to be pleasured and for him to work for it.

He turned to face me and slipped his hand between my thighs. His fingers explored my pussy and I grew wet very quickly. He rubbed my clit and softly fingered me. I moaned and squirmed for him, watching as my nipples tightened to firm points.

I reached my hand down for his erect cock and stroked him as he rubbed me. I moaned in breathless excitement. I could feel his eyes on me, but mine were closed and I was dizzy with the approach of orgasm.

I don’t know what was wrong with me. I could have waited and felt myself cum at his manipulations, but the more excited I became, the more I needed to please him. When I was right there at the brink, I pushed his hand aggressively away and got on my knees to take his dick into my mouth. I had to feel how far down I could take him. When I’d gag, I’d push him deeper. My pussy was soaked and eager, but I couldn’t control my craving to have him in my mouth. Every time he would vocalize, I’d feel a rush of dirty adrenaline.

I brought him right to the brink, as he had me, and then I stopped.

I got on my back and invited his body over mine. He pushed himself inside and I raised my ankles to his shoulders. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body as he pumped. I came quickly and then I came again. I grabbed at his flesh, he bit at mine. He flipped me over and I got on my knees, sticking my ass in the air. He fucked me from behind and I matched his rhythm. He pushed me down and I brought my legs together as he straddled my hips and another orgasm washed over me. I demanded he fuck me harder and he didn’t hesitate.

We were both slippery with sweat as he finally emptied himself deep into my pink.

Evelyn Wilde

Evelyn Wilde

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