Tiffany Tyler

Tiffany Tyler is not your typical pornstar. Although the 5’9″ Sacramento-born brunette isn’t shy about what she does in front of the camera, she prefers to spend her free time away from the business. She does get out and party from time to time, but “I don’t party with other pornstars.” She’s much more likely to send out for Thai food and eat on her loft balcony staring at the LA skyline at sunset, or give her cat a bath than tear it up at downtown clubs. For her, it’s all about maintaining balance.

Recently nominated for a 2011 AVN Award – Most Outrageous Sex Scene from Rocco’s Power Slave, Tiffany is a woman who knows what she wants, and when to do it. Although she freely admits, it didn’t start out that way …

I went about getting adult work all wrong when I was 18.  I had an online profile on a modeling website and responded to “casting calls” for adult work in LA … He (the producer) continued to try and coerce me to finish the blow job in the bathroom, at which point I decided I had had enough of LA and porn and promptly booked myself a flight home …

After that, it was four years before she tried again. This time with proper, supportive management, and more importantly, the inner fortitude to set her own terms, Tiffany now enjoys success, acclaim, and piece of mind. All that strength is plain to see in her photos and videos. This is one pornstar you’ll never see “mailing it in”. From glam to gonzo, Tiffany is always 100% professional.

However, when that red light goes off, she’s 100% her own woman – more than likely with chopsticks, eating on her balcony, watching the sun set.

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