September Carrino

September Carrino never hides the fact that she likes being the center of attention. Good thing too. Seriously, she couldn’t hide 34FF- 26-32 (technically a HH cup) worth of all-natural voluptuousness if she wanted to. So, she might as well run with it.

But her clamor to be noticed took root long before puberty hit. “Even when I was young, I always wanted to be a ‘star’,” September reveals, “so I would do talent shows, acting classes, school plays … My younger sister took after me in that respect, too and we would both put on little shows and make the family listen to our untuned singing voices.”

Obviously, she didn’t  have to rely on her voice to get noticed once nature took its course (though it is quite lyrical now that she’s all grown up). Once September graduated, she showed up for a Playboy casting call at “the mansion” (yes, that one). One week later, she’s in Florida shooting her first cover and pictorial.

Since then she’s appeared in several Playboy Special Editions plus various other photo and video featurettes. Mostly though, she now shoots content exclusively for her official website.

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