Raven Lee

There are people with energy and spirit. Then there are people with a lot of energy and spirit. And then there’s Raven Lee – a self-proclaimed “workaholic and all around nerd with the tendency to want to overachieve”. Raven is a tower of sexuality and drive packed into a 5’3″ 34DD-25-32 body.

Currently a nationally ranked NPC (National Physique Committee) Bikini Competitor, and well on her way becoming an International Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) Pro, Raven has been professionally modeling since the age of 12. She has done runway work for companies such as JC Penney, Mervyn’s, and Ross – and could have had quite an impressive carrer there, but as she put it:

I have always been a free spirit, and have always thought of the naked female form as a beautiful thing that should be looked upon with the greatest admiration and as art. So, at the age of eighteen, I started my transition into glamour nude modeling.

With a stacked body like hers, a full and lucrative calendar would not be a problem, however this exotic Raven flies her own path. “I pick and choose who I want to work with, not picking projects merely for monetary reasons. It’s allowed me to enjoy this whole experience, and not get burnt out by it.”

As the commercials say, Wait .. there’s more! Raven is a fulltime graphic designer, where among other projects manages her very creative website. Oh yea .. she’s also a classically trained musician, published poet, and playwright. It’s hard to imagine when she finds the time to sleep.

What best sums Raven Lee up is her own personal motto. “Audeo!” – Latin for “I dare!” No doubt this daring brunette will be soaring very high for a very long while.

<strong>Editor’s Note</strong>: to the best of our knowledge, an official site is no longer available and/or maintained.

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