Leanne Crow

With so many gorgeous women to choose from, you might think that we would have trouble deciding on a cover model, but that wasn’t the case at all this month. We took one look at Leanne Crow and knew that we had our babe. The decadently endowed model hails from Sunderland, England. She was born to an English mother and a father of mixed Mediterranean descent. After a couple of attempts at college and various jobs that didn’t fulfill her, Leanne decided to move to London to kickstart her modeling career instead. It was a wise choice as she has been quite successful.

The gorgeous Gemini stands 5’7″ and has a staggering set of all-natural JJ breasts that she busts out at every opportunity. This is the same brunette vixen who once dropped out of performance arts because she lacked the confidence to continue. Well, no more! Leanne loves taking center stage and sharing her beauty and talent with the world.

Leanne loves listening to music and taking bubble baths. She describes herself as a clumsy geek and gets enjoyment from watching WWE. She also likes hanging out with girlfriends and going to the movies.

It is great to get to know all about one of the most beautiful voluptuous women on the planet, but we know that her body is also a main attraction. Fortunately, she is very generous in sharing that with you as well. Go ahead and look as she peels out of her lingerie, but be warned that it will be extremely hard to tear your eyes away!

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