Jannah Burnham

Jannah BurnhamAs a girl, Jannah Lynn Burnham was always a dreamer. Now as a woman, she is every man’s fantasy.

Born in Hattiesburg, MS and raised in Clear Lake, TX, Jannah started out as a small child with big ambition. She wanted to be famous and was going to make sure that she became known. She wanted to be the beautiful girl in the magazines with cameras flashing in front of her. She succeeded through her hard work and determination — of course, her tan toned body didn’t hurt either.

The petite Pisces, who stands 4’11”, has gained an admirable flow of dedicated fans. She has become known through her work with some big names, including brands such as Playboy.

When not busy enchanting men with her sexy sweet smile and beckoning eyes, Jannah is at home with her daughter and husband proving that housewives can indeed be hot without being desperate.

There are many layers to Jannah Burnham and she invites you to explore and uncover each and every one at her official site, JustJannah.com. Accept no other substitute, this is Jannah’s only official site.

On that note, her official website is packed with juicy journal tidbits and scintillating revelations of flesh and fantasy. With hot photosets, a live webcam, chat room, guest models and a crisp layout, we suspect you’ll be joining Jannah’s fan base in no time, if you haven’t already.

Editor’s note: The official site is no longer available.

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