Can Online Hook Ups Turn into a Long-Term Affair?

Alena from LemmeCheck.TubeDon’t let the title of this blog post throw you off. We asked the question regarding a long-term affair. Read that title once again. We are not talking about a love affair. We know you’re probably in a cold sweat right now. We know you’re probably breaking out in hives because if you are like most guys on websites looking for hook up matches, getting into a love relationship is the last thing you want. In fact, if you are like most guys you’re probably actively running away from any kind of emotional strings.

We totally get that. We know where you’re coming from and can agree with you, to a certain extent. However, if you want to maximize the results that you get from these types of websites, look for situations and opportunities for a long-term affair. The long-term affair is a situation where you get to fuck the same chick over and over again over an extended period of time.

This doesn’t mean that you have to get married. This doesn’t mean that you’re in some sort of long-term boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. All this means is that this person is okay with you hooking up with her over an extended period of time and both of you having a good time.

We raise this possibility because, let’s face it, trying to join websites that deliver hook up matches can be a very frustrating experience, unless you pick a quality one like (not an endorsement, just a good example). You can hook up from time to time. You can get laid every once in a while, but the big problem is that it’s not the kind of experience you’re looking for. You’re looking for something more consistent. You’re looking for a wider variety and a consistent variety of different sex partners. See what we mean?

If you’re like the typical guy, you already get laid from time to time. You don’t need to download and install a mobile dating app for that. You don’t need to join an anonymous online sex dating site for that. You can do that all on your own. Thus, to maximize your return on effort from websites that deliver hook up matches, you need to look for possibilities where you can have a long-term affair.

Our advice is to simply not overplay your hand. There is no need for pressure. Just have a good time with her. Suggest from time to time. If she picks up on your suggestion, fine. If she doesn’t, look for someone who would. It really is that simple. Good luck!

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