Avoid Being Cheated on Fuck for Free Sites

Fuck for free sites may seem like a good idea. In fact who can resist the price of free? Free is free, right? Well, not quite.

You have to understand that while a lot of these fuck for free websites do not charge you money, they often end up charging you in the most expensive form of currency. What is the most expensive currency? We’re not talking about the British Pound, the European Euro, nor the US dollar. In fact, the most expensive currency that you will ever pay in your lifetime is your time.

That’s right. For every minute that passes, you will never ever get that minute back. This is why you have a job. When you have a job, your boss is actually buying your time. The time you spend doing work for your boss is time you’re not spending doing stuff for yourself. Do you see how time works? Time is so precious that people will pay top dollar for it.

This is why it’s really a minor tragedy that a lot of people who want to hookup with local girls join fuck for free sites and they’re completely clueless regarding how the system works. Now, we are not saying you should not join fuck for free sites. Not at all. What we are saying, however, is that you should not position yourself in such a way that you get cheated.

The number one person that would cheat you on fuck for free sites are the people that operate such websites because they are simply trying to get you to give them money. Now again, we’re not saying that these websites will actually force you to whip out your credit card and enter your credit card numbers so they can get paid. It doesn’t work that way — after all, they’re free. So how do you make the money? Well by simply clicking on ads after ads, page after page, you eventually end up doing something that adds dollars to their bank account.

Think of yourself as a rat that is being trained to click on page after page or ad after ad. Indeed, it sounds sad, but this is the absolute truth. If you don’t want to get cheated, you need to be as efficient as possible. This means that you have to go into these websites with the right profile and the right purpose. The right purpose is to play the numbers game. The right strategy is to message as many different women as possible so you can increase the likelihood that one of them would respond back.

You need to be as efficient as possible when messaging people and searching for people. If you follow these steps, then the chances of you getting cheated are quite slim. Now with that said, certainly there is nothing wrong with clicking a few ads — especially the ones that actually interest you. Ultimately the advertising does help pay the bills of many free sites. Sites are not put online because the developers have nothing else better to do. They put up a website because the profit motive. By clicking on a few ads and doing your thing you end up producing a win-win situation.

Good luck!